Foot Reflexology by Shirley Anne Nowell RRPr Certified and Registered Reflexologist
serving Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph and surrounding areas, Shirley Anne Nowell RRPr.
It is thought that the art of reflexology dates back 5000 years ago and it has been used throughout the ages as effectively contributing to good health. Today this holistic therapy is considered around the world to be an important complimentary tool to alleviate stress on our bodies and minds from our complicated, hectic lives.

Photo of Shirley Anne Nowell RRPr.
Shirley Anne Nowell RRPr.

The natural hands on healing practice of applying pressure to reflex points on the feet (also sometimes applied to ears and hands), correspond with areas, glands and organs of the body. This pressure sends messages along the neural pathways to activate beneficial effect, resulting in the application being a safe and non-invasive art, which is becoming increasingly popular and respected within our society.

Reflexology is meant as a complimentary therapy and is no way a substitute for other treatments, it is meant to be there as a very effective additional regime and clients are encouraged to discuss reflexology participation with their other health care professionals or coordinator.

A trained Reflexology Practioner will not diagnose, prescribe or treat any specific condition, but rather aids the client to be more aware and in tune with their own complete SELF.

The nourishing benefits of regular sessions are remarkable in that a balanced mental, emotional and physical state is the first STEP to vitality and assists the individual of any age to achieve and maintain optimum good health.