Foot Reflexology in Guelph and Cambridge by Shirley Anne Nowell RRPr.
Certified and Licensed Reflexologist, Shirley Anne Nowell RRPr.

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  • Check Before You Choose is your access to online inspection results for food establishments and personal services settings premises like salons, spas, and tattoo and piercing studios.

  • The Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario

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  • An online community of local Moms, connecting to each other, marketplaces and local event listings, originally launched by a Guelph Mommy.

    photo of Shirley Anne Nowell RRPr.
    Shirley Anne Nowell RRPr.
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  • Quarterly magazine supporting local business women and entrepreneurs, the brain child of local business woman.

  • Accessibility Standards
  • As of 1st January 2012, all businesses are required to be in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), so that organizations can create and put in place a plan to ensure accessibility. Shirley Anne Nowell RRPr, Certified Reflexologist, strives to offer superior customer service and diligently complies with this act by implementing strategies to communicate the best way to offer accessibility for all.

    Communication to necessitate this required customer service is encouraged and welcomed by the above named. Any questions or observations with regard to this can be directed to the following email address or by calling (519)830-5686 for immediate attention.